What is Synerall?

Synerall is a modern and advanced CRM, Billing and eCommerce solution for utilities that maximizes the return from the customer base of the utility. Synerall is coherent with EU requirements for software solutions for energy companies and is optimized for the electricity, gas, water and heating companies.

Synerall provides utility solutions for all market roles in the energy sector.

The solution is modular and easy to implement. Synerall is integrated into other systems via webservices, XML, SOAP, text messaging and ESB.

Examples for 3rd party integrations:

  • Tekla Xpower
  • Landis+Gyr smart metering
  • Add Group smart metering
  • Iskraemeco smart metering
  • innovaphone VoIP/CC systems
  • Online bankingsystems like Swedbank, SEB
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision)
  • Dynamic Utilities suite
  • Ediel Messaging
  • Itella Postal Services

Synerall allows the management of customer data. Postal addresses, which can be used to send documents to customers directly or through postal service provider. Phone, fax and mobile number to support text messaging, call center integrations. Codes, that can be used to integrate Synerall with other systems like enterprise wide CRM.

Synerall can generate different kind of messages like notices, warnings and also send out invoices and contracts. Information can be sent in form of e-mail, SMS, to Web-portals or postal services via postal service provider.

Synerall has inbuilt automatic and predefined messaging system. The customer service can inform customers about the planned electricity outages. The system can notice the end customers as well in the case if the unplanned black out occurs. The channels of the messages can be either e-mail and / or SMS.

Synerall provides flexible support for managing objects and devices. Object Management allows creating power stations (main power stations, sub-stations and feeders), connection points and consumption points. It is possible to create connections between objects to provide network information to Synerall that can be used to send out outage notices or other messages. Device Management supports creation of meter device models that are used to define different types of meters. It is possible to set up multiple meters at one consumption place. Meters can have several identifications that allow for instance integration with AMR systems, external work order management system. Meter readings can be imported from external systems (AMR, EDIEL MSCONS), inserted manually or via web-based customer portal. Synerall can take care of the whole smart meter process from collecting the data to validation and billing.

Work Order Management is a functionality, that covers the field works management. Those can be for example change of the meter reader. The list of meter points of changeable meter readers shall be collected on to the workbench of a specialist. The information about the actual change of the meter reader shall be ebtered into the synerall via Tablet or PC (serial numbers, last meter, new meter, etc). It automates and makes the facility management efficient.

Synerall has integrated management services to improve customer relationship by using Synerall direct marketing tools to reach high customer loyalty and satisfaction. Flexible management tools for utility´s marketing activities.

Synerall contract management module supports contracts like network connection, network service and sales contract. Every contract has customizable template for tailor-made visual contract information. Contracts can have multiple contact persons that automatically have access to contract data in web-based customer portal.

Synerall has very flexible reporting module, based on the well proven Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. Users can create, edit, publish, download and send out reports on demand or by a predefined schedule.

Synerall allows creation of sophisticated products that can contain several components (for instance network service fee, electricity consumption, fixed period fee per minute, fuse amperage, taxes) that are suitable for different kinds of utilities. Beside flexible products, it is possible to define services. Services can be connected to user activities (disconnecting customers). Product and services can be organized into pricelist and it is possible to create separate pricelists for large customers.

Synerall offers user friendly interactive web-based customer portals featuring real-time consumption information, online payments for private and residential customers. Synerall customer portals make consumption and invoice information fully transparent to the customer.

Synerall enables smart phone integrations with real-time consumption control on mobile and smart phones. Energy consumption, invoices, online banking, consumption costs, statistics and notices can be accessed from the smart phone.

Synerall has possibility to estimate customer consumption when smart meter readings are missing or incorrect. It is possible to select predefined consumption graphs or design new ones. You can always invoice customers, even when there are no meter readings.

Synerall has a very fast billing module and it can generate more than 10000 invoices per minute (from meter reading to invoice) on decent server hardware.
Invoices can be:

  • Generated manually by user.
  • Generated on demand by customer from web-based customer portal.
  • Mass-generated according to parameters set by user.
  • Synerall allows invoice output in the following ways: direct print-out by user (according to predefined template) or download from web-based customer portal.
  • Mass-portal services. Synerall generates XML based print file with invoices and sends it out to mass postal service provider.
  • E-Invoices. Synerall can use XML print file or state agreed e-Invoice format.

Flexible and detailed product description makes generated invoices fully transparent allowing seeing every invoiced item in detail and total control over all expenses.

Receivables Management helps to maintain detailed control over accounts receivables by providing ways to track invoices, process receipts and to analyze customer activities. Synerall will lower your account overhead costs effectively.

Synerall allows integration with AMR systems. It is possible to input meter reading manually when needed. All new values are validated before invoicing.