Net Group Nordic Oy delivered a modern data system for sales and invoicing to the company called Vihreä Älyenergia Oy (Green Smart Energy Ltd.) in Finland. The system was commissioned in the beginning of September.
Vihreä Älyenergia Oy has started using the Synerall data system for managing the electricity sales services. Synerall is a modern data system for both electricity sales and network business. As a versatile system, Synerall can be used also by water utilities and waste management companies.
Synerall was commissioned in three months after signing the contract. Vihreä Älyenergia Oy uses Synerall for managing customer relations and agreements and for creating invoices. The system also includes a dynamic customer portal and integration with messaging. “The two-year process for tailoring Synerall for Finnish market has been completed,” says Heli Siponen, Sales Manager of Net Group Nordic.
“We selected Synerall software, as it uses cutting-edge technology. Net Group’s organisational culture is also dynamic and customer-oriented. We are very satisfied with the quality of the product and the service,” says Kalle Nevala, Managing Director of Vihreä Älyenergia.
“Synerall’s integration with messaging in Finland covers all usages. With Enease’s messaging system we guarantee the accurate functioning of the messaging service. Enease Oy offers the perfect solution for messaging across the electricity marketplace in Finland.
Synerall is a modern Smart Grid platform and customer management system built by Net Group for infrastructure companies. This innovative software solution has been designed and implemented for electricity, district heating, gas and water utilities. Synerall’s open interfaces enable an easy integration with other company systems. The system includes browser-based and mobile self-service solutions for customers. Synerall is designed to always support the most recent technology. It develops along with the platform solutions and is able to use the new features of these platform solutions.
Net Group is the leading software company in Estonia participating in various smart grid developing projects such as virtual power plants for the Estonian government. In Finland, Net Group offers the best software systems and integration services to the energy sector. Net Groups operations in Finland are performed by Net Group Nordic Oy.

Additional information:
Heli Siponen
Sales manager
Net Group Nordic Oy
telephone: +358 40 53 69 800