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BeNeLux utilities can now benefit from Synerall’s automation technology through Net Group bv.

BRUSSELS, Belgium, April 13, 2023 –  Synerall, digital customer management and billing automation solutions provider for the utility sector, is pleased to announce its expansion into the BeNeLux market. As of April 1, 2023 Synerall will be represented by Net Group bv. for local presence.

The energy market in BeNeLux is undergoing significant changes towards sustainability and decentralization, with the implementation of smart meters being particularly prevalent in Belgium. This has resulted in a highly competitive environment, with a diverse range of multi-utilities operating on the regional market. As a result, the utility sector is seeking flexible and adaptable technology solutions to remain compliant and cost-efficient with back-office processes. Synerall, together with its parent company Net Group, is well positioned to support utilities in the region to digitalize and automate operations related to customer service, sales, and billing.

Having a strong background in the open electricity markets in the Nordics, Synerall offers the right technology and expertise to help companies in the utility sector adapt to the rapidly evolving market conditions. The company provides automated sales and customer onboarding solutions that have already proven successful in Finland, Estonia, and the UK.

Recognizing the need for these innovative solutions in the BeNeLux market, Synerall has partnered with its parent company, Net Group, to provide utilities in the region with the necessary digital tools to automate and streamline operations related to customer service, sales, and billing to help utilities become more efficient, compliant, and cost-effective. Net Group has been at the forefront of digitalizing processes for the utility sector for the past 20 years, with a focus on electricity, gas, water, distant heating, and more.

If you are a utility company in the BeNeLux market seeking to gain a competitive edge and improve your customer experience, reach out at or call +32 486 393 555 to learn more about Synerall’s solutions suitable for BeNeLux market.

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