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Datahub 2.0 brings many changes

Datahub 2.0 brings many changes Datahub is a centralized data exchange system for the retail market, which stores data on Finland’s 3.8 million locations of electricity usage. Datahub, which has…
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Synerall successful and trustworthy company

Synerall is a certified as a successful and trustworthy company in Finland and Estonia For very good financial performance and payment discipline, Synerall was awarded the Strongest in Finland AA…
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Introducing Estonian Data Hub

Estonia has made a lot of progress in terms of digital services and solutions, when it comes to the introduction of the electricity market data hub. Five years ago, the state company Elering AS founded the Estonian Data Hub. The owners, electricity companies, and manufacturers, as well as distribution and transmission officials, have all been overwhelmingly positive about their experience. 

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Oy Herrfors Ab will be implementing Synerall CIS and billing solution

Our industry faces some interesting challenges ahead; we all need to innovate while we are pushed to economize. The direction is towards ICT-based smart systems and products to meet the demands of our technology-conscious customers. This means that we need to grow beyond our traditional business models to build a market-based technology and services portfolio. – Roger Holm, CEO of Herrfors

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