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Another success story in Finland – Kokkola Energy now enjoys spot pricing

Synerall is helping Finnish utility businesses become more modern. The Synerall solution digitalizes time-consuming processes, such as spot pricing and meter-to-cash billing. It also helps its partners, who care about their and the planet’s future turn their businesses around and allow customers consume smarter.

HSY chose Synerall and process automation

After implementing Synerall HSY became more cost-efficient, accelerated the speed and quality of their customer service. These changes were enabled by the speed, flexibility, and process automation of Synerall. Their new system supports process digitization, which was important for HSY.

Synerall’s first recurring billing solution has been implemented in Finland

Vihreä Älyenergia in Finland started using Synerall for managing their customer relations, contracts and for creating subscription billing. Their solution has helped them become a more dynamic business with better agility and higher customer satisfaction.