S2B Energy, a Finnish service company specializing in energy and water maintenance and Net Group Nordic are combining their forces to launch a seamless digital service package for utility companies, using Synerall.

Finnish energy market is changing

Finnish energy market is going to be centralized by 2019. Setting up a service package with a seamless Customer Information System and Billing solution for utility companies helps businesses become more competitive on the market that’s growing more and more international.

Another important aim is to offer an alternative to sizable increases in electricity distribution costs. The new service package helps service processes become more efficient and less time-consuming.

We are very excited about this co-operation with Net Group Nordic. Synerall is cost-efficient, easy to use and very quick to implement

– Mika Vuori, CEO of S2B Energy

Why choose Synerall?

Synerall can be offered to large and small businesses. It is an easy to use and quickly implementable service that automatizes time-consuming processes such as billing. Synerall’s main aim is to digitalize the utility sector and allow businesses to become smarter and work towards becoming more sustainable.

By outsourcing some of its support services to a service company, companies can focus on their own primary functions. Synerall automates time-consuming services what customer service wastes their time on. With processes automated, customer service can focus on clients. Synerall has a portal for clients, where they can interact with the company. Everything moves faster and efficiently – this has a huge effect on customer satisfaction.

Synerall is already used by different businesses around Europe. It’s used in the UK, Finland and Estonia. The first to adopt Synerall as a part of their S2B Energia service package next year will be Finnish utility companies Leppäkosken Sähkö and Vatajankosken Sähkö.

Interested in more?

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