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Oy Herrfors Ab will be implementing Synerall CIS and billing solution

In the world of constant change and technology advancement, new solutions give rise to new opportunities. Oy Herrfors Ab and Net Group Nordic have signed a contract to implement Synerall customer information system for Herrfors.

Oy Herrfors Ab is part of Katternö Group, an energy company that is deeply rooted in the Ostrobothnian region extending from Vörå in the south to Alavieska in the north. Herrfors has a strong customer focus and a vision of helping in creating a more comfortable environment for residents and entrepreneurs.

Innovation through ICT is the only way forward

Our industry faces some interesting challenges ahead; we all need to innovate while we are pushed to economize. The direction is towards ICT-based smart systems and products to meet the demands of our technology-conscious customers. This means that we need to grow beyond our traditional business models to build a market-based technology and services portfolio.

– Roger Holm, CEO of Herrfors

There was an imminent need to manage processes faster and more flexibly to stay ahead of the competitors. Modernity and fast automation enablement are the main reasons behind choosing Synerall customer information and billing solution. Synerall lets companies develop their business and allows customers to consume smarter.

Priit Kongo, the CEO of Net Group stated that the Finnish utility industry clearly needs smart solutions.

We are certain that Synerall features meet the expectations of Herrfors and provide the flexibility and automation that they need.

– Priit Kongo, CEO of Net Group

Looking towards becoming a more competitive player in the future

Net Group Nordic is an agile product and solution provider with personnel who have a long history in the utility sector. Because of the breadth and depth of their background, they are able to offer ideas and solutions to the challenges of energy and utility industry.

In order to be successful, we need to secure a future-proof digital platform which allows a high degree of automation. We also need a partner that possesses a solid experience from the utility sector, while still being able to help us provide a state-of-the-art customer experience.

– Robert Ståhl, CIO of Herrfors

Synerall is a modern Customer Information System (CIS) and Billing solution, with the most up-to-date technology on the market. Focus on online-services and customer’s self-service differentiates Synerall platform from the competitors. On the Finnish market, Synerall is provided by Net Group Nordic.

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