Keravan Energia Replaces their Customer Data System with Synerall by Net Group Nordic Oy

Keravan Energia Oy and Net Group Nordic Oy have launched a joint project, in which Estonian-developed Synerall® customer data system is localised to meet the requirements of the Finnish energy market and to satisfy the needs of Keravan Energia.

Synerall® is a modern and a scalable CRM and billing system for energy and water supply businesses and services providers. Synerall® is comprised of two main products, the core system (Core) and the customer portal (Portal), combining the provision of electronic services to customers with the management of the company’s customer service processes in a modern way.

Synerall® is a product underpinned by Estonian IT expertise, which is developed for the needs of energy companies and – in addition to Estonia – it has been implemented in Great Britain and Oman. Keravan Energia is Net Group’s first customer in Finland, whose business covers all aspects of an energy company, such as sale of electricity, electricity transfers, district heating and natural gas.

“Our previous customer data system started to be rather outdated and prevented us from developing our processes. We decided to switch over to Synerall, as the automation, comprehensive process management and overall flexibility offered by it were impressive,” says Jussi Lehti, the CEO of Keravan Energia, and continues: “The Estonian supplier outbid their Finnish competitors, because the country’s IT culture seems to be more service orientated than in Finland. Estonia’s recent massive progress in the field of digitalisation is impressive”.

“We are extremely satisfied with our cooperation with Keravan Energia. It is enjoyable to work together with a customer who genuinely wishes to develop their business for the benefit of customers, and dares to do things in an innovative way. Synerall® as a product is developed for the needs of renewable energy markets. Integration of the solution with the systems most commonly used in the energy sector can be arranged quickly, message transfers function naturally, and moreover – Synerall® is a finished and tested solution for the Data Hub architecture. All energy companies who deploy the Synerall can be certain that the solution will continue to adapt to the needs of their business for a long time to come,” says Priit Kongo, the CEO of Net Group.

Keravan Energia is an energy group, generating, transferring and selling energy to 30 000 customers. The electricity and district heating networks of the group extend from Kerava to Sipoo. In electricity sales the group has customers from across Finland. Kerava’s biopower plant is an example of modern environment friendly energy production facility. In addition to that Keravan Energia also has its own solar power plant.

Net Group OÜ is an innovative North European company offering IT solutions to businesses in the energy, telecom and financial sectors. The company has seats in Finland and in Estonia. Net Group Nordic Oy was established on 01.04.2014 to handle the business in Finland, in particular the sales of the Synerall solution.

For more information about the matter please contact:

Customer Relationships Manager Johanna Haverinen, Keravan Energia Oy, gsm: +358 40 531 1523

Sales Manager Heli Siponen, Net Group Nordic Oy, gsm: +358 40 536 9800