Net Group and Imatra Elekter founded a new start-up Synerall AS

Net Group and Imatra Elekter founded Synerall AS, a company that will provide customer management and settlement solution to modern energy companies.

The founders Net Group and Imatra Elekter have been involved in the development work in the field for already ten years and all of the knowhow created has been brought together into the new start-up Synerall AS.

Synerall’s software is the first fully web-based software package in the Nordic countries that is customised for the open electricity market. The founders of the company say that the aim of Synerall is to accelerate the development of the existing technology. The sales goal of the company is to achieve a substantial market share in the Nordic countries. In the nearest future, the company hopes to start managing at least 3.5-4 million measuring points in the neighbouring countries and develop Synerall into the smartest provider of solutions in the region. This is a challenge that means a lot of exciting cooperation for the Synerall team as well as Net Group and Imatra Elekter.

Synerall can also be used by all other companies besides Imatra Elekter. For example, in Estonia, Synerall is used by VKG Elektrivõrgud and VKG Soojus, in England by Wilson Energy, in Finland Vihreä Älyenergia and Keravan Energia.

The supervisory board of Synerall AS consists of Märt Jemmer (Imatra Elekter), Priit Kongo and Sven Peekmann (Net Group); the members of the board are Jaan Feldmann (company) and Kert Ru …

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Keravan Energia Replaces their Customer Data System with Synerall by Net Group Nordic Oy

Keravan Energia Oy and Net Group Nordic Oy have launched a joint project, in which Estonian-developed Synerall® customer data system is localised to meet the requirements of the Finnish energy market and to satisfy the needs of Keravan Energia.

Synerall® is a modern and a scalable CRM and billing system for energy and water supply businesses and services providers. Synerall® is comprised of two main products, the core system (Core) and the customer portal (Portal), combining the provision of electronic services to customers with the management of the company’s customer service processes in a modern way.

Synerall® is a product underpinned by Estonian IT expertise, which is developed for the needs of energy companies and – in addition to Estonia – it has been implemented in Great Britain and Oman. Keravan Energia is Net Group’s first customer in Finland, whose business covers all aspects of an energy company, such as sale of electricity, electricity transfers, district heating and natural gas.

“Our previous customer data system started to be rather outdated and prevented us from developing our processes. We decided to switch over to Synerall, as the automation, comprehensive process management and overall flexibility offered by it were impressive,” says Jussi Lehti, the CEO of Keravan Energia, and continues: “The Estonian supplier outbid their Finnish competitors, because the country’s IT culture seems to be more service orientated than in Finland. Estonia’s …

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The first Synerall CRM and invoicing system has been implemented in Finland

Net Group Nordic Oy delivered a modern data system for sales and invoicing to the company called Vihreä Älyenergia Oy (Green Smart Energy Ltd.) in Finland. The system was commissioned in the beginning of September.

Vihreä Älyenergia Oy has started using the Synerall data system for managing the electricity sales services. Synerall is a modern data system for both electricity sales and network business. As a versatile system, Synerall can be used also by water utilities and waste management companies.

Synerall was commissioned in three months after signing the contract. Vihreä Älyenergia Oy uses Synerall for managing customer relations and agreements and for creating invoices. The system also includes a dynamic customer portal and integration with messaging. “The two-year process for tailoring Synerall for Finnish market has been completed,” says Heli Siponen, Sales Manager of Net Group Nordic.

“We selected Synerall software, as it uses cutting-edge technology. Net Group’s organisational culture is also dynamic and customer-oriented. We are very satisfied with the quality of the product and the service,” says Kalle Nevala, Managing Director of Vihreä Älyenergia.

“Synerall’s integration with messaging in Finland covers all usages. With Enease’s messaging system we guarantee the accurate functioning of the messaging service. Enease Oy offers the perfect solution for messaging across the electricity marketplace in Finland.

Synerall is a modern Smart Grid platform a …

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