Imatran Seudun Sähko chose Synerall as their customer information system

We are happy to announce that Imatran Seudun Sähkö and Net Group Nordic signed a deal which states that Imatran Seudun Sähkö, and the affiliated group, will start using Synerall as their CRM and billing system.allekirjoitus_2

“Our former customer information system was outdated, and it did not serve us well in a constantly evolving electricity market. Today’s market situation is challenging, so speed is a key factor in maintaining our competitive position. Synerall is fast, flexible, and user-friendly – this is important for our customers as well as stakeholders,” says Ari Saukkonen, Managing Director of Imatran Seudun Sähkö.

Synerall met all the criteria because of its cost-effectiveness and easy deployment. “Improving customer experience and developing new services is important for us. Synerall seamlessly integrates digital services and manages the company’s internal customer service processes. That is why Synerall was an easy pick for us,” adds Saukkonen.

“We are excited that Imatra’s Seudun Sähkö has chosen Synerall’s innovative customer management and billing solution. We believe that they will be able to improve its business flexibility and pace of change, bring its customers new services and a high-end digital customer experience,” says Priit Kongo, CEO of Net Group Nordic.

Synerall is a modern and flexible customer …

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Finnish utility companies are adapting Synerall to become more competitive on the growing international market

S2B Energia, a Finnish service company specialized in energy and water maintenance businesses, and Net Group Nordic are combining their forces and launching a seamless digital service package for utility companies, using Synerall.

Changes in Finnish energy marketSynerallOffice

Finnish energy market is going to be centralized by 2019. Setting up a service package with a seamless customer information system for utility companies, helps companies become more competitive on the market that’s growing more and more international.

Another important aim is to offer an alternative to sizable increases in electricity distribution costs. The new service package helps service processes become more efficient and less time-consuming.

“We are very excited about this co-operation with Net Group Nordic. Synerall is cost efficient, easy to use and very quick to implement.” says S2B Energia’s CEO Mika Vuori.

Choosing Synerall

As an easy to use and quickly implementable service that automatizes time-consuming processes such as invoicing, Synerall can be offered to large and small businesses and is not exclusive to utility companies.

By outsourcing some of its support services to a service company, companies can focus on their own primary functions. Synerall combines providing a digital service for the custom …

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Contract with Kokkolan Energia Oy – another partnership in Finland

Kokkola Energy selects Synerall as their new customer service system

Kokkola Energy is adapting Synerall’s customer management system. The co-operation began this autumn. Kokkola Energy is a customer oriented full-service energy company that produces, sells and distributes electricity, heat and steam.

Synerall has been welcomed well by the Finnish market – Kokkola Energia is one among the many new clients that have decided to implement Synerall in 2017.

Benefits of Synerall

Synerall is a modern, scalable customer management and billing solution for utilities. It helps to combine customer self-service with different internal processes. Synerall comprises of two main products: Core and Customer Portal. Based on Microsoft technology, Synerall is in use in Estonia, Great Britain, and Finland amongst others.

Market change in Finland

“The electricity market in Finland is at a turnaround point and new agility is required from ICT systems and vendors. Synerall will streamline our processes while adapting to our expanding service portfolio and offering a solution for us to tackle the upcoming electricity market changes”, says the CEO of Kokkola Energy, Mikko Rintamäki.

We are very satisfied to have an opportunity to work together alongside Kokkola Energy in innovatively developing …

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